See you after the win! | KyivExpoPlaza
About the exhibition

Russian aggression and extreme challenges to national security, the need to implement NATO standards and the need for a significant expansion of exports of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment create the need to establish a professional international exhibition aimed exclusively at solving these tasks.

Two key features of the UADEF expo:

  • The exhibition is closed to the public, it is only for professionals: representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other state bodies of the national security and defense industry (including professors and cadets of specialized higher educational institutions); representatives of the Armed Forces, military attaches and other authorized persons of foreign governments; international partners in the field of defense technologies.
  • Demonstration of equipment in action at a specially equipped training ground of the exhibition center.
Armored vehicles and their repair; Armored vehicles and their repair; Artillery armament; High-precision weapons; Aviation equipment and aircraft repair
Unmanned vehicles; Radar surveillance and electronic warfare systems; Ammunition and special chemicals; Military electronics and devices; Cybersecurity
Biological, chemical and radiological protection equipment; Maritime systems; Means of communication and information protection; Personal weapons
Personal protective equipment, equipment and military clothing; Military medicine; Construction of military facilities